Cell Review Guide

1. What is the function of:

a. endoplasmic reticulum
b. mitochondria
c. ribosomes
d. nucleolus
e. microfilaments & microtubules
f. lysosomes
g. golgi apparatus
h. centrioles

2. Label the cell.

3. The basic unit of structure and function in the human body is the _______

4. Describe each of these processes: phagocytosis, pinocytosis, exocytosis


5. What is the difference between active transport and passive transport? Give a specific example of each type.


6. Describe the process of making and exporting a protein from a cell.

7. Describe the cell membrane and its properties. What is its function?


8. What is diffusion and facilitated diffusion? What is osmosis?


9. List and describe the stages in the life cycle of a cell, including mitosis.


10. What is the centriole and the spindle and what is their role in cellular reproduction?


11. What is the difference between chromosomes, chromatin, and chromatids?


12. What is DNA and what do the letters stand for?


13. Explain the process of cellular respiration and why it is important for the cell.


14. What is the difference between hypertonic, hypotonic, & isotonic? What will happen to cells placed in each type of solution?