Blood Typing Using EldonCards

As part of anatomy, students test their own blood types using kits supplied by a biological supply company.

This test requires students to use a lancet to prick their skin and obtain a sample of blood. [ Permission Form ]

We used the eldoncard blood typing kit, which comes with everything you need to determine which blood type you are (A, B, AB, or O)

Basic Steps for Using an Eldon Card:

1. Activate the serum on the circles by adding a drop of water.

2. Use a lancet to prick finger and the plastic eldon stick to stir the blood into the serum.

3. Use a new stick for each test circle to prevent cross contamination.

4. Slowly tilting the card will prevent coagulation while the antibodies react to the serum on the card. A positive test will show obvious signs of clumping.


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