Johann and four other zoologists each discovered relatively unknown reptiles that livied in various places around the globe. Each reptile was found in a different month by a different zoologist in a different place. Using the information provided, determine which goes with which.

1. Of Parker and Florence, one discovered the creature hidden in on the mountain top and the other found the jopodactyl.

2. Of the two men, John and Benton, one made the April discovery and the other found the luladon, which was discovered three months before the mountain-dweller.

3. The reptile who lives in the banana groves was discovered in December.

4. Benton didn't discover the orcadon, which was found after the reptile that skulks in the bottom of lakes

5. Mary found the ickysaurus two months before the discovery of the creatur that lives in the desert. The saharoceros is not the reptile that lives in the desert.

6. Parker did not discover the saharoceros.

This chart is to help you record information from the clues as waell as facts you deduce. Use an X for no and a O for yes.

    ickysaurus jopodactyl luladon orcadon saheroceros banana groves desert mountain lake swamp Feb Apr Jul Oct Dec
PERSON Benton