Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Find a representative for each of the categories below.    Keep track of the name of the species  (You may want to take a picture of the sign that describes the animal in the habitat so you can label your photos correctly later.)

checkbox1. A flightless bird
checkbox2. A carnivorous bird
checkbox3. An animal native to the continent of Africa
checkbox4. A venomous snake
checkbox5. A member of the order Lepidoptera
checkbox6. A parasitic organism
checkbox7. A Great Ape
checkbox8.  A new world monkey
checkbox9.  An old world monkey
checkbox10. A member of the Felidae family.

checkbox11. A member of the Canidae family
checkbox12.  A nocturnal animal
checkbox13.  A reptile that is native to Illinois or Missouri
checkbox14.  A member of the Ursus genus
checkbox15.  A mammal that spends most of the time in water (aquatic)
checkbox16.  A cartilage fish
checkbox17.  A fish native to the Mississippi river
checkbox18.  An animal native to Australia
checkbox19.  An animal with its young
checkbox20.  A mammal that flies

checkbox21.  A spider
checkbox22. A crocodilian
checkbox23. A turtle or tortoise
checkbox24. A waterfowl
checkbox25. A hoofed mammal
checkbox26. A rodent
checkbox27.  An animal that lives in the desert.
checkbox28. An animal that is on the endangered species list
checkbox29. An animal that lives in the Arctic
checkbox30. An animal that is a symbiote


Upload all of your photos to a folder on google drive* - you may want to share with your group so that all of the photos are in the same place.   We will use the computer to lab to create a zoo presentation that showcases your finds - presentation should include the name of the animal and which category (from the list) it applies to.

Take a photo of your group in some interesting location for your cover slide!
*Important! - photos taken with phones and cameras contain METADATA, which includes information about when the photo was taken and what device was used.   Do not try to pass off internet photos as your own.  I will know!