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Vaccines: Calling the Shots

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___ 1. What percentage of patients with whooping cough die? 
       a) 1%          b)  10%       c)   18%       d) 30%

___ 2. Why was the doctor in New York surprised to see a case of measles? 
      a)his patients had been vaccinated         
      b)  he had never seen measles        

___ 3. 500 years ago, what proportion of children died before the age of 5? 
      a)1/5        b) 1/10      c) 3/5       d) 1/3 

___ 4. What doctor demonstrated that cowpox infection prevented smallpox? 
      a)Louis Pasteur          b) Jonas Salk   
      c) Edward Jenner      d) Albert Einstein

___ 5. What stopped the measles virus from spreading throughout New York?
     a) quarantines        b) herd immunity      
     c) severe winter      d) school closings

___ 6. Luke's seizure happened after vaccination. After tests were conducted, it was determined that what caused his seizure?
     a) epilepsy                b) a spider bite         
     c) peanut allergy      d) influenza

___ 7.  How did congress respond to David's father's lobbying regarding the polio vaccine?
      a) it was banned          b)  it was changed
      c) they ignored him       d)  they fired the head of the CDC

___ 8. Autism is most likely caused by: 
      a) toxins             b) genetics    c) allergies      d) drug use

___ 9.  The HPV vaccine can prevent:
      a) stomach flu      b) near-sightedness   c) polio       d) cancer


10.  Are the benefits of vaccines worth the risk? Would you have your child vaccinated? Why or why not. Please explain your position in a thoughtful way. (2-3 sentences).