1. When did the tsunami hit land?  Date and time?

2. What caused the tsunami?

3. What is it called when one tectonic plate pushes under another?

4. How long did the earthquake last?

5. How many tsunami sensors are in the South Pacific?

6. How does the tsunami wave travel away from its origination point?

7. Can a tsunami be detected in the deep ocean water?

8. What is the side effect of the amplifying wave?

9. Which place was the first to be hit by the tsunami wave?

10. What place was next to be hit by the tsunami?

dvd11. Are all the areas affected by the wave the same in Thailand?

12. When the wave retreats, where does it go?

13. What happened to the train in Sri Lanka when it was hit by the tsunami?

14. How many people died in Sri Lanka?

15. Did the tsunami hit the east coast of Africa?  Were they warned first?

16. What happened to the tsunami when it hit the Indian Ocean?

17. What are the four causes for a tsunami?

18. What kind of risk is there in the northwest U.S. for a tsunami to hit?

19. What is the purpose of the wave tank?

20. What are the three parts to the tsunami warning system?