The Universe:  Secrets of the Sun - sun

Season 01, Episode 01 (Youtube)

1.  The sun is classified as a(n):
 red giant          circle orange crush        circle yellow dwarf

2.  Fusion occurs when:
circle radiation is released
circle atoms are smashed together
circle dark and light matter combine

3.  In the sun, hydrogen fuses to form:
circle neon                 circle oxygen           circle helium

4.  Sun spots on the surface of the sun can become:
circle solar flares      circle nuclear reactors     circle black holes

5.  A coronal mass ejection is also known as (n):
circle black hole          circle solar storm          circle photon

6.  Mars doesn’t have an atmosphere because it does not have a strong:
circle gravity              circle spin                   circle magnetic field

7.  Solar radiation could affect planes that:
circle fly over the poles    circle have dual engines      circle are made of aluminum

8.  What would be the most likely result of a solar storm?
circle loss of electronics              
circle sudden change of temperature on Earth’s surface
circle shift in the earth’s spin and rotation

9.  What year is the next “solar maximum” expected to occur?
circle 2011                 circle 2012                 circle 2030

10.  A solar eclipse happens when the:
circle sun moves behind the earth
circle earth moves into the shadow of Mars
circle the moon blocks our view of the sun