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The Universe (Season 01, Episode 03)  
– End of the Earth
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1.  Why did the meteor that hit in Siberia leave no crater?city
a.  it exploded above the earth
b.  it was too small
c.  it collapsed upon itself

2.  An “NEO” is a:
a.  next event operation              
b.  non elemental oxygen                
c.  near earth object

3.  What asteroid came near the earth in 2004 and is predicted to return in 2029?
a.  Apollo               b.  Apophis            c.  Ariadne

4.  If this large asteroid hit the earth in the ocean next to California, what would happen?
a.  California would experience massive waves
b.  The continent would split in two
c.  California would be pushed into the Midwest

5.  A gamma ray burst occurs when:
a.  a black hole collapses   
b.  a star explodes                               
c.  a star is born

6.  What analogy is used to explain why a gamma ray burst releases so much energy?
a.  it is like opening a can of pickles
b.  it is like slamming on the brakes
c.  it is like squeezing a fruit

7.  How can the earth defend against a gamma ray burst?
a.  we can deflect the impact
b.  we can use satellites to shield the planet
c.  there is no defense

8.  In the sun, four hydrogen atoms combine into one ____ atom.
a.  helium               b. carbon               c. oxygen

9.  When the sun expands, it will become a:
a.  Blazing Saddle  b.  Red Giant                         c.  Yellow Dwarf

10.  What analogy is used to describe the phenomenon referred to as “The Big Rip”?
a.  blowing up a balloon and then popping it
b.  dropping an egg from the top of a building
c.  riding a rollercoaster through a loop