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Rat Attack

1. In what state of India does the NOVA investigation begin?
aBangladesh       b   Pradesh   
 c   Bengal       d Mizoram

2.  What was in the bag that the villagers dumped out to count?:
arat tails          b rat nests   crice d bamboo stalks

3. Every 48 years a massive rat plague followed by a famine occurs. What else happens on the same schedule? 
athe earth tilts       b villagers make new huts       
c bamboo flowers        d rivers dry up

4.  When food is scarce, mother rats will often
aforage in water             b eat their young
  c fight        dkill male rats

5.  During flowering, what insect is common (and also edible)
acockroach      bcrawl in a hole       cfight        dhang out

6.  What is the underground stem of the bamboo called?
atuber            bmankrik c rhizome     d xylem

7.  Bamboo seeds lead to the domestication of what common farm animal?
acow   b pig c goat    d  chicken

8.  To find out when the next "pulse" of rats would occur, Ken collected what from the environment?
aa nest          ba pregnant rat   c bamboo flowers drat droppings

9.  When Ken examined the rats that had eaten crops at a nearby village, he found that all the rats were:
a  diseased     b deformed c young  d pregnant

10. Based on this research, Ken concluded that future crops can be saved from rats by:
atiming the plantings       b  burning the bamboo      c killing stinkbugs     d removing chickens

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