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This video is available from Nature or PBS streaming or purchase.

1.  The wolf trap was baited with what?


2. How will the team keep track of the wolf they trapped?



____ 3. "Land improvement" in Russia was designed to:

a)  improve the environment for animals   
b)  provide better housing for citizens
c)   increase food production

_____4. Canals are being destroyed and the land is returning to its former swamp by the actions of:   

a) beavers     b) birds       c) local farmers

_____ 5. The radioactive zone can be found in what two countries?

a) Russia & Romania      b) Moldovia & Hungary              c) Ukraine & Belarus

_____6. Vaccinations are dropped from helicopters to protect the animals from:

a)  parvo           b)   rabies       c)  distemper

_____ 7. What small animal is being studied in the red forest? 

a)  rabbit b)  dormouse     c) finch

_____ 8. The researchers studied the bones of animals eaten by the white tailed eagles. What were they?

a) fish               b) mice             c) small birds

_____ 9. Why do storks require large, undisturbed forests?

a) their diet is very specific         b) they build very large nests                 c)  loud noises startle them

_____10. At the conclusion of the study, researchers determined that the number of wolves in the radioactive zone was

a) much smaller than in other areas   
b)  much larger  than in other areas     
b) about the same as other areas


What was the overall effect of the nuclear disaster on animal populations in the radioactive zone?   This writing exercise should take approximately 10 minutes. 

Answer the question as a complete sentence.  (CLAIM).
Support your claim above with evidence from the film you just watched.   (EVIDENCE)   
Link your evidence statements to your answer, why does your evidence support your claim? (REASONING)