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Radioactive Wolves

wolvesThis video is available from Nature, streaming or purchase.

1.  The wolf trap was baited with what?
a  rabbit       b urine c  female scent     

2. How will the team keep track of the wolf they trapped?

a radio collar    bsatellite images c  tracking dogs  

3. "Land improvement" in Russia was designed to:
a improve the environment for animals    
b provide better housing for citizens
c increase food production

4. Canals are being destroyed and the land is returning to its former swamp by the actions of:
a beavers bbirds c local farmers

5. The radioactive zone can be found in what two countries?
a Russia & Romaniab Moldovia & Hungaryc Ukraine & Belarus

6. Vaccinations are dropped from helicopters to protect the animals from:
a parvo    b rabiesc distemper

7. What small animal is being studied in the red forest?
a rabbit  b dormouse c finch

8. The researchers studied the bones of animals eaten by the white tailed eagles. What were they?
a fish  b mice c small birds

9. Why do storks require large, undisturbed forests?
a their diet is very specific b they build very large nestsc loud noises startle them

10. At the conclusion of the study, researches determined that the number of wolves in the radioactive zone is ____ than numbers in normal areas.
a much smaller   b much largerc about the same as

Reflection - Choose one of the following statements. Write a position statement and two supporting reasons for your position. This should take no more than 10 minutes to accomplish (timed writing.) *Common Core Standard #1*

Statement A: Nuclear disasters have very little effect on animal populations.

Statement B: Without human disturbance, the environment will return to its natural state.

Statement C: The reintroduction of animals into the exclusion zone was a good decision.