This 1995 film focuses on an outbreak of a fictional Ebola-like virus a small town in the United States. Its primary settings are government disease control centers USAMRIID and the CDC, and the fictional town of Cedar Creek, California.Outbreakshows how far the military and civilian agencies might go to contain the spread of a deadly contagion.

This film can be checked out from your local library, viewed on Netflix, or purchased from retail stores.

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1. Describe an incubation period as it is illustrated in the movie.



2.  Describe the difference between Levels 1-4.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


3. How is the Hanta virus related to the alleged start of the AIDS virus?


4.  Describe how the immune response is illustrated in the movie.



5.  List some of the disease transmission modes illustrated in the movie.




. What is the purpose of quarantine?


7. What is a “host animal”?


8.  Why didn’t the monkey that was sick in the cage die?



Short Essay  (use separate page)

9.  What is the role of government in protecting citizens from disease?


10.  Does the government have the right to quarantine people or to even kill individuals or communities to protect the lives of the rest of the nation?   (Defend your position)




We will be viewing the video “Outbreak” in class as part of a unit on microbiology and epidemiology. . This film is rated "R" because of the following:  Profanity and strong language, dramatic images of illness and disease. 


The path of a virus from a host animal to humans and then spreading to epidemic proportions is shown in this movie.  The movie addresses the role of the government and the Centers for Disease Control in an epidemic and protecting society from the spread of disease.   Scientific principles such as viruses, disease transmission, and sterile techniques are also shown in the film.   The film explores moral questions regarding what society’s responsibility to those who are sick and what measures can be taken to prevent the spread of a deadly disease.


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