Mythbusters:  NASA and the Lunar Landing Print Friendly and PDF

1.  To test whether the photos were real or not, Jamie and Adam created a:
a) model                           b) sand pit          c) 1969 camera         

2. The nonparallel shadows seen on the photos was most likely due to:
a)  multiple light sources     
b) topography (landscape)   
c) a bad camera

3.  What happened to the marshmallow moon man they placed in the vacuum?
a)  it exploded              b) it disintegrated           c) it deflated

4.  “Albedo” refers to:
a)  vacuums             b) light              c) gravity

5.  Many conspiracy theorists believe that video footage of
astronauts walking on the moon was fake, and was really just earth video that was:
a) slowed down                b) darkened                 c)  shrunk

6.  According to the “Mythbusters Motto”, if it’s worth doing, then it’s:
a) worth doing right               b) got to be expensive               c) worth overdoing

7.  Lunar dust contains particles that have:
a)  not weathered             b) been floating               c) no elements

8. In a vacuum, how does the American flag behave?
a) it does not move at all          b) it waves when it’s wiggled            c) it falls down

9.   How can a person get a weightless or a moon gravity experience?
a)  by riding a rollercoaster       
b)  by swimming in deep water        
c) flying in a plane

10.  Overall, based on the tests performed, the moon landing hoax is a myth that is:
a)  busted              b) plausible          c) confirmed