Meet the Coywolf – PBS Nature

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1.  What may have caused the coyotes to become bolder and attack humans?

2.   Eastern coyotes also go by what name? 


3.   How are eastern coyotes tracked by researchers?


4.  What caused the wolves in the Northeast to decline in number?


5.  What does a field biologist look at to determine if a pup is a coyote, wolf, or hybrid?


6.  How are Chicago coyotes different from coyotes that live in the country? 


7.  The narrator describes the Cherry Beach coywolves as “monogamous,” what does this mean?


8.  Why are coywolves such a challenge for researchers to study?


9.  Why do scientists want coyotes to be afraid of humans?


10.  What is the iconic New York park that researchers want to study to see if there are coywolves present?