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1. What chemical provides the blueprint of the cell?

2. What is the first challenge for the newborn?

3. Meconium is described as a newborn's first feces. Why is it sometimes dangerous to babies?

4. What part of the brain regulates temperature?

5. What kind of fat is found on babies and on hibernating animals?

6. Why is it important that babies drink their mother's milk?

7. Amplified vibrations enter what part of the ear?

8. What two types of cells are in the retina?

9. What areas of the body are most senstitive?

10. What is peristalsis?

11. What valve regulates the passage of food out of the stomach?

12. What is the main job of the large intestine?

13. What is the key to standing? What part of the body is responsible for this?

14. What is a "uniquely human challenge?" What region of the brain is responsible for this?

15. What are the gaps between neurons called?

16. What is the purpose of lysozyme in the saliva?

17. Vaccines are designed so that the body will create what?

18. Puberty starts in what part of the brain?

19. How often does a female release an egg?

20. What hormone creates the physical characteristics of manhood?

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