From Conception to Birth


The documentary utilizes technology that allowed the filmmakers to take crystal clear images of a fetus developing inside the womb. The program charts how the baby changes and grows during the typical nine-month gestation.

1. At four weeks, the embryo is the size of:
     a. a fist      b. a grain of rice      c. your thumb      d. a watermelon

2. How does does pregnancy last?
     a. 3 months     b. 6 months     c. 9 months     d. 1 year

3. Once an egg is released, how long will it live?
     a. 20 minutes     b. 1 hour     c. 24 hours     d. 6 days

4. How long does it take to build an eye?
     a. 2 weeks     b. 6 months     c. 9 months     d. 2 years

5. When does the heart of a fetus start to beat?
     a. Day 5     b. Day 12     c. Day 23     d. Day 35

6. Human embryos have gills. a. True      b. False

7. At 8 weeks, the embryo is called a(n):
     a. zygotes      b. tadpole     c. cytosphere      d. fetus

8. The placenta is both a barrier and a:
     a. filter      b. cushion      c. food source     d. heating pad

9. The soft skeleton of the fetus allows it to:
     a. grow very fast                                 b. fit inside the uterus
     c.squeeze through the birth canal     d. breathe liquid

10. An epidural is used by an expectant mother to:
     a. dull pain                              b. speed up the birthing process
     c. monitor fetal heart rate     d. hold the baby in the proper position