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____ 1. The opening of the movie is setting the scene for a group of kids. What problem is this group facing?

a. they are getting ready to go to highschool             
b. they are being forced to move                
c. one of them is sick

____2. What does Tuck hope to gain by convincing his friends to follow the map?

a. prove that the construction company is hiding something
b. show that he is the one with all the ideas
c. show his friends that he does really care about the town

____3. What condition does Munch make for going on the trip?
a. they have to take his sister              
b. they have to tell his mom                     
c. they have to wear helmets

____4. The object they found seems to be inert until Alex gets it to activate. What does Alex do to make the object do something?
a. he shakes it              b. he beeps at it                 c. he shines a flashlight on it

____5. How were the boys able to communciate with the object?
a. by using their cell phones to text to it          b. by talking into its microphone      c. by asking yes or no questions

____6. The boys continued to follow the maps given to them by Echo. Ultimately, what was the purpose of going to each location?
a. Echo was gathering parts               b. Echo was avoiding being captured             d. Echo was making friends

____7. What happened in the bar that sent the group running away?

a. there was a barfight                         b. Echo destroyed the jukebox                         c. Munch's mom was there

Writing Exercises (Pause movie at ~45 minutes)

8. Imagine your little brother just came into the room as you are watching the movie and asks you what is going on so he can catch up. In 2-5 sentence, write a quick synopsis (summary) of the movie so far. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.9-10.3 - writing narratives






9. There are four main characters in the story (excluding Echo.) Which of these character do you think you are most like? Provide at least one sentence that supports your choice by providing specific details of how that character's personality is like yours.
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.9-10.1 - Write arguments to support claims


Part 2 - Earth to Echo

____10. How did Alex get away from the security guard?

a. he crawled out a window                b. he lied about who he was                   c. Echo created a distraction

____11. When Echo was taken from the diner, how did Munch respond?

a. He said they should all go home      b. he jumped into the back of the truck              c. He cried

____12. Where did the boys find Tuck's brother?

a. in the bathtub                          b. by the swimming pool                           c. in the closet with his girlfriend

____13. Why did the scientists want to find Echo?

a. they wanted to experiment on him          b. they wanted him to lead them to the spaceship        c. they were afraid of him

____14. During the escape from the compound, the boys almost crashed a van into a semi-truck. How was the crash avoided?

a. the truck ran into a ditch                 b. the van turned down another street                c. Echo disassembled and then reassembled it

____15. The boys finally discovered why their neighborhood was being sold. Instead of a highway, what was happening?

a. they were digging for a space ship       b. the ground was unstable                     c. a new mall was being built there

____16. When they finally found the place where the ship was buried, Tuck was worried that the ship would hurt people when it left the ground. Why didn't this happen?

a. there was no one living at the spot        b. it came out of the ground in pieces        c. it never launched

____17. Even though they exposed the fact there was no highway being built, why did they still have to move away?
a. their families had already sold their homes          b. no one believed them              c. their homes had been destroyed

Writing Exercise - CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.9-10.3 - writing narratives

18.  The story is told from Tuck's point of view. Recreate the story as if it were being told by Echo by explaining the events in the story from his perspective. Write this in paragraph format using 5-10 complete sentences.