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Dirty Jobs   That Bite (Shark Patroller)

1.  What type of fish is used to make shark bait?
asalmon bwhale    cflounder   d tuna

2.  Seals remain safe from sharks if they are:
ain kelp  bon the bottom  cswimming     d light colored

3.  When Mike goes into the shark cage, his wetsuit is smeared with:
ablood   bfish     c  sunscreen        d  seaweed

4.  Milk sharks got their name because it was once thought that eating their flesh would help:
acure cancer    bfight infection       cnursing mothers          d  vision

5.  The sharks the most often attack people are the great white, the bull, and the:   
a  hammerhead    b nurse tiger      c whale

6.  What organ accounts for 25% of the shark’s overall weight?
aliver     b stomach           cheart    d brain

7.  The shark has a muscular stomach because:
ait swallows prey whole              b it uses those muscle to swim

8.  The biggest embryo in a tiger shark’s uterus will eventually:
adie     beat its siblings     c be absorbed    dbecome female

9.  The lower membrane of the shark’s eye raises to protect it when the shark:
asleeps       bmates   cdives   d feeds

10.  The sharks around seal island are tagged in order to study their:
afeeding behavior                      b reproduction    
cmigration patterns                     dpersonalities

11.  Sharks are repelled by:
athe color yellow          b   the small of dead sharks
cdolphin blood   dhuman waste

12.  Shark repellant could be used by __________ to protect swimmers.
alifeguards            b the army       c   dolphins        d parents