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Growing Up Wild: Crazy Croakers

1.  The first part of the tadpole to grow is the:
aback legs          b   front legs        c   tail       d wings

2.  A midwife toad carries his eggs on his:
ahead             b   tail            cstomach dlegs

3.  A Surinam toad carries her eggs on her:
astomach        b back        ctail         d  legs

4.  Salamanders use ________ to move through wet mud.
afins             b flippers   clegs        d tentacles

5.  A strawberry frog will croak in order to keep other frogs away, if this does not work, the frogs will:
arun away       bcrawl in a hole       cfight        dhang out

6.  How does the toad scare away the snake?
ait stands up and makes itself big            bit makes a loud noise
cit sticks out its tongue                                d it blinks its eyes

7.  How does the Darwin frog avoid snakes?
ait crawls in a hole                b  it climbs a tree
cit pretends to be a leaf       d  it flips over and floats

8.  What does a hellbender eat?
afrogs               bsnakes   c crayfish d leaves

9.  What behavior helps a frog swallow?
arolling over      b blinking  cjumping  dswimming

10.  What toad seems to “yell” to keep other frogs away?
aDarwin frog          b  hellbender      c horned toad       dgrass frog