Name __________________________________________

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1.    What is the first great discovery of genetics?  ____________________________
Mendel’s factors are now called ____________________.

2.   What is the second great discovery of genetics?  ______________________________________________
Drosophila melanogaster is more commonly known as the ___________________
Why is it a good choice for genetics studies?  _____________________________
What is interesting about the white-eyed offspring? ___________________________

3.   What is the third great discovery of genetics? _________________________________________________
Beadle and Tatum worked with what organism? ______________________________
Irradiated spores failed to produce nutrients because  __________________________________________
This breakthrough is known as the  “One _______________,  One ___________________ Hypothesis”

4.  What is the fourth great discovery of genetics? _________________________________________________
Barbara McClintock worked with what organism? ___________________________
A transposon is a gene that can do what? _______________________________

5.  What is the fifth great discovery of genetics?   _______________________________________________
A bacteriophage is made of what two main components? __________________________
Hershey and Chase used   _____________________ to determine which of these components controlled heredity.

6.  What is the sixth great discovery of genetics?  ________________________________________________
DNA is composed of four ____________________,  which are _______________________________________
What was Rosalind Franklin’s contribution to their work?   ____________________________________
Watson and Crick were able to determine what? __________________________________________________

7.  What is the seventh great discovery of genetics? ______________________________________________
What is a triplet?  ______________________________________________
Marshal  Nirenburg  discovered that 3 bases in RNA code for what?   ___________________________

8.  What is the eighth great discovery of genetics? _________________________________________
Hamilton Smith determined that restriction enzymes could do what? ________________________

9.   9th Disovery:  What is alternative splicing?  ___________________________________________________
10.  10th discovery:  What is a minisatellite DNA? ______________________________________________
11.  11th discovery:  What is RNA interference? ________________________________________________
12.   12th discovery:  What is the genome? ___________________________________________________