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Animals Behaving Badly (Animals Gone Wild)

1.  What was the name of the elephant seal that terrorized the people?
ABig Blue               BHercules              C Dumbo                D Homer

2.  Raccoons entered the man’s house through the:
Achimney              B  cat door                Cwindow     D  basement

3.  Why do grizzly bears break the windows of cars?
Athey hate tourists                    
Bthey are searching for food
Cthey think cars look like other bears          
Dthey see their reflection and attack

4.  What animal invaded the school in Manitoba?
Agarter snakes        Bbats             Cfire ants             D   rats

5.  Why did the animals invade the Manitoba school?bear
Athey were looking for food                Bthey came out of hibernation
Cthey were attracted by the lights     D  they wanted to learn

6.  How do wasps remember where food is located?
Aby the smell                                    Bby the color of nearby objects
Cby the phase of the moon               D   by the arrangement of objects

7.  Parrots (or kias) are troublesome to people because they
Adestroy cars     B  attack people C eat gardens Dnest in chimneys

8.  What food source is most appealing to ants?
Abread         B meat          C  sugar        D   milk

9.   Why do geese cause problems at golf courses
Athey make noise                       Bthey produce waste
Cthey attack people                   Dthey carry disease

10.  What method proved effective for getting rid of the geese?
A  remote control boat          Bdecoy swans
C fireworks                            D herding dog

Bear Clip Art: Courtesy of M/Y/D/S Animal graphics