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1. What was the name of the young woman who was sent to Africa to study the chimps?
 Karen Foster                    Julie McGregor                   
Diane Fossey                     Jane Goodall

2. Chimps create nests out of:
a sticks & leaves          b rocks                       
cdirt                                feathers

3.  How does Fifi react to her new baby brother, Flint?
a she attacks him        b she is fascinated by him        
c she ignores him        d she runs away

4.  How does Flo treat Fifi when she tries to interact with the bay? 
a she punishes Fifi     b she is very patient     

5.  Which of the following behaviors do males exhibit to show their dominance over other males:
a they jump around and make a lot of noise         b they snarl and bite the other males, sometimes causing injury
c they roll onto their backs and expose their bellies            d they climb highest in the trees

6.  Mike was able to raise his status in the group by:
a  picking on the females                                          b grooming the dominant male
c  having the most offspring                                     d using tin cans to make a lot of noise

7.  Fifi became frightened when she:
a was confronted by a group of baboons b could not find her mother c heard thunder

8.  During a rainstorm, chimpanzees:
a seek shelter                  b climb high into trees    c sit and wait it out   d open an umbrella

9.   In order to eat termites, chimpanzees:
a they use their long tongues to probe the termite mound
b flush the termites out of the mound with water
c use sticks to pull termites from the mound                        
d kick the termite mounds until the termites run out

10.  Which of the following illustrates tools used by chimpanzees?
a using sticks to remove termites                             b using sticks as weapons
c using a leaf like a sponge for water                     d all of these

11.  What animal was killed and eaten by the normally vegetarian chimpanzees?
a baboon                       b mouse                c turtle             d      chicken                

12.  Jane quit putting out bananas for the chimps because:
a the chimps were fighting too much                      b the chimps were becoming fat
c the bananas were making them ill                       d the chimps were getting too tame

13.  When confronted by a mirror, young Flint:  a ignored it        b was fascinated    c attacked it 

14.  What disease devastated the chimpanzees at the reserve?  
a smallpox          b AIDS           c polio                           

15.  What were the symptoms of the disease?   a paralysis          b seizures     c high fever      d rash        

16.  What was Jane’s son’s nickname?    a Bubba              b Flint             c Grub                            d Petey

17.  How does Flint react to Flo trying to wean him?
a he sulks                      b he runs away                            c he throws tantrums                  d he cries

18.  What happened to Flame?   a she disappeared   b she was adopted by another chimp  c Jane moved her to a zoo

19.  What happened to Flint?     a he left the group on his own         b he died       c he was adopted by Fifi

20.  Jane’s study on chimpanzees:   a ended when funding ran out         b lasted more than 20 years    

21.  (OPINION)  What is Jane and her team’s responsibility toward the chimpanzees?
a  They should help them by providing medical care or relocating chimps in danger
b They should not  interfere and let nature take its course.
c  They should only interfere in extreme (life or death) circumstances