Review Sheet
Chapter 9 and 10 DNA

1. Know the structure of DNA, be able to label a diagram

" Deoxyribose
" Phosphate
" Adenine
" Guanine
" Cytosine
" Thymine
" Hydrogen Bonds
" Double Helix

2. Who established the structure of DNA?
3. Understand the process of replication. Why is it called semi-conservative?
4. What comprises a nucleotide?
5. What is a gene?
6. What is the base-pair rule?
7. Know the structure of Messenger RNA.
8. Understand the process of Transcription.
9. Understand the process of translation.
10. What is a codon?
11. Understand how a DNA fingerprint is made and how to analyze it.
12. What is the function of a ribosome in protein synthesis?