Chapter 34 Directed Reading
34-1: The Fish Body

1. Today's Fishes Share Key _______________________
2. Fish share what three key characteristics.
3. Fishes Respire with _______________
4. Each gill is made of rows of ________________________
5. At the rear end of the cheek cavity is an opening called the __________
6. In ________________________, water passing across the gills and the blood circulating in the capillary networks' through the gills flow in opposite directions.
7. Fish are able to extract up to _______ % of the oxygen in the water.
8. Fish Have a Simple Heart and _______________ Circulation
9. Match the term with the description

_______ sinus venosus

_______ atrium

_______ ventricle

_______ conus arteriosus

a. chamber that is a thick-walled pump with enough muscle to force blood to flow through the capillaries

b. collection chamber that reduces the resistance of blood flow into the heart

c. chamber that is a second pump; smoothes pulsations and adds more force

d. chamber that is filled with blood from the sinus venosus; has thin, muscular walls

10. Oxygen poor blood enters the heart through the (fig 34-3) _______________
11. Blood leaves the heart through the (fig 34-3) _________________
12. _______________ Help Balance Water and Salt
13. Compare how osmosis effects salt water fish to how osmosis effects fresh water fish.

14. Kidney are made up of thousands of __________________
15. Most Fishes Fertilize Their Eggs ________________

16. What is spawning?
17. What kind of fish have eggs that are fertilized inside the body?
Section 34-2: Today's Fishes
18. Hagfishes and Lampreys are ___________________
19. Answer True or False to the following statements:
__________ Hagfish live deep on the ocean floor.
__________ Lampreys live in both fresh water and salt water.
__________ Lampreys live on plankton and krill.
__________ When threatened, hagfish defend themselves by producing slime.

20. Sharks, Skates, and Rays Have _____________ Skeletons
21. Why are a shark's teeth always sharp?
22. The shark's skin is covered with scales that feel like (fig 34-6) __________
23. Bony Fishes Have Three Structural ____________________
24. What is the lateral line system? _________________________________
25. What is the operculum? _______________________________________
26. What is the swim bladder? _____________________________________
27. What are the two groups of bony fishes? ___________________________
28. Give an example of a ray-finned fish. _____________________________
29. Give an example of a lobe-finned fish _____________________________
30. Ray-finned fishes are also called ________________________