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Chapter 30 - Review Guide

1. What kind of skeleton does an earthworm have? ______________________
2. This organ grinds food in the earthworm: ___________________________
3. Food in the earthworm moves from the gizzard to the _____________________
4. The ventral nerve cord is part of the __________________ system.
5. What body region of mollusks is used for locomotion? ______________________
6. Annelids are most easily recognized by their _______________________ bodies.
7. The primitive brain found in earthworms is the ________________________
8. What phylum are snails, squids, and slugs in? ________________________
9. What phylum are leeches and earthworms in? ________________________
10. Name a cephalopod with an external shell: _________________________
11. The larval form of mollusks and annelids is the: __________________________
12. Food leaves the worm's pharynx and enters the: __________________________
13. The rasping tongue-like organ on snails is the ___________________________
14. Snails, squids, and earthworms belong to the Kingdom ______________________
15. This part of the worm's digestive system sucks in soil: _______________________
16. Structure used for propulsion in squid: ____________________________
17. Structure used for grabbing food in the squid: ________________________
18. Hard structure in squid that tears (chews) food: __________________________
19. The structure in the earthworm is made of five arches ________________________
20. Clams and oysters belong to this CLASS _________________________________
21. A squid uses this structure for defense, to confuse enemies ______________________
22. The anus of the squid empties into this structure on the squid ______________________
23. The swelling near the anterior end of the worm (used in reproduction) is the ____________________
24. The crop and gizzard are part of the earthworm's ______________________ system
25. A clam uses a __________________ to suck in water and obtain food.
26. Fleshy appendages found on marine worms are ____________________________
27. The central section of a mollusk that contains the internal organs is the ________________________
28. Bristles located on the ventral side of the earthworm are called _______________________
29. The stiff structure found along the backside of a squid (resembles a shell) ____________________
30. Type of symmetry an earthworm and squid has: ________________________
31. The dorsal and ventral blood vessels are part of the _______________________ system
32. A brightly colored marine gastropod: __________________________
33. Squid and octopus belong to the CLASS ___________________________
34. Having both male and female organs, such as an earthworm has: ____________________________
35. An annelid that sucks blood: ____________________________
36. The organ directly after the crop in the earthworm is the ________________________
37. The body cavity found in ALL annelids and mollusks: _______________________
38. A predatory mollusk that lives in shallow waters and has eight arms: ____________________________
39. Earthworms are liked by farmers because they ________________________ the soil
40. The intestine of the earthworm leads to the ___________________________

Beak Trochophore Pen Fertilize Hydrostatic Radula Hermaphrodite Digestive Parapodia Gizzard (2) Animalia Bivalve Siphon Intestine Mollusca Pharynx Nervous Octopus Water Jet (2) Circulatory Nudibranch Cephalopoda Heart Annelida Leech Ganglion Anus Ink Sac Coelom Nautilus Clitellum Tentacle Esophagus Visceral Mass Foot Segmented