Chapter 15 - Classification

1. Fill out the table below with at least 2 examples for each group.

Animalia Plantae Fungi Eubacteria Archaebacteria Protists

2. A whitefooted mouse has the latin name: Preomyscus leucopus. It is in the same calss as lions and humans. It is a rodent that belongs to the family Cricetidae. Fill out the table below for the taxonomy of the white footed mouse.

Kingdom _______________________________________
Phylum _______________________________________
Class _______________________________________
Order _______________________________________
Family _______________________________________
Genus _______________________________________
Species _______________________________________

3. Why do the animals on the chart all have the same first name?

Latin Name Common Name
Felis concolor Mountain lion
Panthera leo Lion
Felis domesticus House cat
Panthera tigris tiger
Canis lupus wolf


Would you expect an animal with the name Rania concolor to look similar to a mountain lion? Why or why not?

4. Organisms that belong to the same class must belong to the same: (answer yes or no)

_________ Order _________ Phylum ___________ Kingdom __________ Family

5. Identify which Kingdom the following organisms should be classified into:

a. Unicellular, has chloroplasts, swims in pond water ____________________________

b. Multicellular and autotrophic ____________________________

c. Unicellular, heterotrophic, no membrane-bound nucleus ____________________________

d. Unicellular, heterotrophic, eukaryotic ______________________________

e. Prokaryote, lives in volcanic ash ____________________________

f. Multicellular, heterotrophic _____________________________