13-3 Examples of Evolution

1. What caused the peppered moths to become darker in color?
2. What scientist performed an experiment on peppered moths to test natural selection:
3. List the five points of natural selection. Do not copy word for word. Summarize.
3. ______________________________________________________________
4. How does the shape of the beak of a finch relate to the type of food it eats?
5. The accumulation of differences between groups is called _____________________
6. The process by which new species form is called: ____________________________
7. During what months are the peak mating periods for each frog. (Fig 13-18) You can also use "beginning, middle, and late" to show times.

Leopard Frog_________________Pickerel Frog _________________ Tree Frog ____________________Bullfrog ______________________
8. What are two ways in which organisms can be reproductively isolated from one another? ______________________________________________________________

Page 294 - Math Lab

9. On how many islands would you find lizards with longer limbs than the original population. _____________
On how many islands would you find lizards with shorter limbs than the original population ____________
On how many islands would you find lizards with a greater perching diameter? ___________________

10. Explain why some populations of lizards would have developed smaller feet (smaller perching diameters).