Name __________________________________________

Student Self Evaluation

1.  What grade do you expect to make in this class?  __________

2.  The list below contains characteristics that relate to success in school. Rank each one according to its importance (in your opinion).  Start with 1, being the most important and go to 9, the least important.  

              Attendance square              Doing your homework    square         Paying attention square
Doing well on tests  square                       Bringing supplies   square                 Taking notes square
Completing projects  square          Working well with others   square             Good Behavior square


3.  Of the list above. Which two things do you want to PERSONALLY improve about yourself?


4.  Which of the following best describes where you see yourself in 5 years?

a.  living in a dorm and going to  a university            
b. community college and living at home
c.  in the military
d.  working within the community, maybe have an apartment of my own
e.  other (write in)  _________________________________________

5.  Do you learn best by:    a.  reading               b. listening               c. writing

6.  On average, how much time per night do you put into schoolwork?  _________________

7.  What have you heard about this class?  ________________________________________

8.  Have you ever failed a class before?  ________
If yes, list one reason why you failed?  ________________________________________
If no, list one reason why you have been successful? _____________________________

9.  Which of the following motivates you the most?  a. myself       b. my parents      c. my friends

10.  How do you stay organized at school?
a.  I keep all handouts in a folder, and notes in a notebook
b.  I have a big binder that stores all my work divided by class
c.  I have no organization method, my papers are everywhere.
d.  Other ____________________________________________________________________


Teacher Use Only  - Grading of Project

Completion   ___4 ____3 ____2 ____1 ____0
Honest Effort  ___4 ____3 ____2 ____1 ____0

Neatness/Name  ____2____1 ___0              Total _______