Squid Dissection Teacher's Guide

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Squid can be purchased from biological supply companies, such as carolina.com or you can buy them at the grocery store packaged as frozen calamari.

External Anatomy (Labeled) :

squid labeled

Finding the Jaw

The beak should look like a bird's beak, with two sharp curved points.

squid beak


1. How many arms does the squid have? ___8__ How many tentacles? _2____
2. What is the function of the arms and tentacles? ____grasping prey___________
3. What is the function of the water jet? __ propulsion; movement _______________
4. Name two features that are adaptations for the squid's predatory life. tentacles, water jet, large eyes, fins
5. Name two traits that the squid shares with other mollusks. ___ soft body, body cavity (coelom), bilateral symmetry __________
6. To what kingdom does a squid belong? Animalia ____What phylum? __ Mollusca ______ What class? __ Cephalopoda ___
7. Name one other organisms in the same CLASS ____ snail, slug, clams, oysters ________________

squidInternal Anatomy

[ Instructions omitted, see original ]

Observations and Analysis

1. How many gills does the squid have? ______ 2 _________________
2. Where does the ink sac empty into? __ water jet _______________________________
What is its function? _______ distract predators; defense ________________________________________
3. What is the function of the pen? ______ stabilize squid for swimming ______________________
4. Where do wastes exit the squid? (be specific) _____ anus then water jet _____________

Use the descriptions above to label the squid

squid anatomy


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