Sponges - A Coloring Worksheet Answer Key

Original Document: Sponges - A Coloring Worksheet

Students read about sponges, how they are classified, how they eat and where they are found. The instructions included specific information about sponge anatomy to be colored on diagram.


1. What did early biologists think sponges where? ___plants_______
2. Sponges belong to the Kingdom ___Animalia________ and the Phylum ____Porifera____
3. Sponges are [ unicellular or multicelluar ] and [ prokaryotic or eukaryotic ]
4. What type of symmetry do sponges have____asymmetry_________
5. What does it mean to be sessile? ___cannot move, remains attached to surfaces__
6. How do sponges get their food? ____filter feeding_________
7. Water enters the sponge through the_ incurrent pore and leaves through the _osculum_
8. What helps to circulate water through sponge?____collar cells______
9. What is the job of the amebocyte? ________distribute food and oxygen________________
10. What two substances give the sponge support? _____spongin and spicules_______
11. Tiny sponges growing from the main body of the sponge are called ____buds________
12. What is a gemmule? ___group of amoebocytes with a hard covering_______
13. What is a hermaphrodite? ____can produce both sperm and eggs______

Sample Coloring

sponge anatomy coloring