smog citySmog City

Go to and click on the link that says "run smog city". Be patient, it may take a little while to load. There are six variables you can manipulate in the simulation. You will be manipulating the variables to discover the answers to the following

Air speed (little windmill)
Inversion level - height of air mass that traps pollution (looks like a black stripe)
Temperature (thermometer)
Cloud cover (clouds)
Population (plain meter)
Emissions (dials at the bottom)

1. How does air speed and wind effect the level of smog in the city?


2. How does temperature affect the level of smog in the city?


3. Which type of emission has the greatest affect on air quality?


4. Would you expect there to be more smog on a cloudy day or a clear day?


5. Reset your simulator and try to create the WORST conditions for smog in your city - you should be able to get the air quality index up to unhealthy levels. What is the setting for each of your variables to produce the nastiest city?



6. What is AQI? (See links on the side). What levels are there for air quality?


7. Why are children most at risk from ozone? What is a VOC?


8. What kinds of things can be done to improve air quality? List three things.