Lab Safety KEY

I have used this as a discussion tool, by putting the image on a projector and talking about safey. It will also work in small group discussion, particularly if you intend to have the same group work on projects all year long.



1. List 3 unsafe activities showsn in the illustration and explain why each is unsafe. Jim drinking, Sue's Hair, Duke using direct sunlight and many other unsafe procedures can be found
2. List 3 correct lab procedures depicted in the illustration.John is cleaning up, Tina has safety goggles, carl is using a pipette, and many others can be found
3. What should Bob do after the accident? Bob should notify teacher that glass was broken
4. What should Sue have done to avoid an accident? tied her hair back
5. Compare Luke and Duke's lab techniques. Who is following the rules? direct sunlight can damage eyes, use a desk lamp instead
6. What are three things shown in the lab that should not be there? scissors in socket, makeup, chips
7. Compare Joe and Carl's lab techiques. Who is doing it the correct way? joe is sucking toxic chemicals with his mouth, carl is using a pipette
8. What will happen to Ray and Tim when the teacher catches them? answers vary, depends on classroom rules, in my class horseplay isn't tolerated, they'd be put in the hall and receive a 0, possibly sent to the office
9. List three items in the illustration that are there for the safety of the students in the lab. first aid kit, fire extinguisher, blanket
10. What is Betty doing wrong? never put makeup on in the lab