Paramecium Coloring Answer Key

Paramecium are unicellular protozoans classified in the phylum Ciliophora (pronounced sill-ee-uh-FORE-uh), and the Kingdom Protista. They live in quiet or stagnant ponds...... text snipped


1. Is the paramecium a unicellular or multicellular organism? unicellular

2. To what Phylum and Kingdom do paramecium belong?
Kingdom Protista, Phylum Ciliophora

3. Define heterotroph. Organism that consumes other organisms

4. What do paramecium eat? algae and microorganisms

5. How do all members of the Phylum Ciliophora move? cilia

6. Why can't the paramecium change shape like the ameba? pellicle

7. What do the macronucleus and micronucleus do? macronucleus controls cell activities, micronucleus is involved in reproduction

8. Define conjugation. method of sexual reproduction

9. What is the function of the contractile vacuole? remove excess water

10. What is the oral groove? area of mouth and gullet

11. Wastes exit the paramecium through what structure? anal pore

12. What is the function of the trichocysts? defense

13. Compare the endoplasm to the ectoplasm. endoplasm is inner, ectoplasm is toward the membrane

14. Define avoidance behavior. moves away from stimulus

15. Where do paramecium live? fresh water