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Nova Online - Life's Greatest Miracle

In this activity, you will explore the Nova site on the Miracle of Life. You will watch as an embryo develops and understand how an egg is fertilized and what events lead to the development of the human and what makes every human being unique. Videos and illustrations will help you understand the miracle of life, from conception to birth.

Note: This program may not be suitable for all viewers.

Site Overview

Familiarize yourself with the main page of "Life's Greatest Miracle" Information and links can be found on the main page, and if you get lost within the site, you can always return here.

1. List the Main topics on the page. (Hint: there are 6 of them )


2. Note the links in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Note: These links will not be used, your exploration should remain in the 6 main topics of "Life's Greatest Miracle"

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Watch the Program

Click on the link to "watch the program". Note that it is divided into 8 chapters. After viewing each segment, you will answer questions about the segment

Passing on your DNA

Why is sexual reproduction more advantageous than cloning?


The Egg's Journey

Describe the path the egg takes after being released from the ovary.


The Sperm's Journey

What kind of obstaces will a sperm encounter once it enters the female?


The First Two Weeks

Why would more than 50 percent of all fertilized eggs not survive? What kind of problems could a fertilized egg encounter?


The Embryo Takes Shape

Describe the three cell layers that develop and include what parts of the body those cell layers will become.


How are genes turned on?


Messages in the Gene

Before the 7th week of development, how can you tell the sex of the fetus?


Describe how the fingers develop in the fetus.


Feeding the Growing Fetus

Why can't a baby hear until after its bones have developed?


The Third Trimester

Why is human childbirth so much more dangerous than the births of other animals?


Window on the Womb

(find this link at the bottom of the video page, or return to the home page)

Complete the table below

Full name of test Where is sample taken from? When can the test be peformed? What are the risks of the test? What can the test tell you about the fetus?
NT Scan  

The Stem Cell Debate

What is a stem cell?


Why is there a debate about stem cells?


Summarize the arguments AGAINST the use of stem cells in research.



Summarize the arguments FOR the use of stem cells in research



What is your own position regarding stem cell research. Explain why you feel this way (1-3 paragraphs)