Interpreting Graphs

Original Document: Interpreting Graphs

1.  Mr. M’s class grades were graphed as a pie graph.  Based on this graph:

a)  The largest percentage of students received what grade?  __C_____
b)   Estimate what percentage of the class received a B. ____25%_____
c)   Estimate what percentage of the class received an A. 12-13% __
d )  Based on the graph, do you think Mr. M’s class is hard? 
Why or why not? Not hard, very few people earned low grades


2.  The scatter plot shows a bus stop where those waiting at the bus are plotted by their height and by their age.  Identify which dot goes with which passenger.

*A way to look at this is to start with the oldest and youngest. The lowest dots on the chart would correspond to younger (and shorter) people. The high dots would indicate taller people.

1)  older, mid height - Dennis
2)  older, tall - Alice
3) medium height, medium age - Freda
4) younger, short - Brenda
5)  younger, tall - Errol
6)  younger, short - Cathy
7) youngest, shortest - Gavin

graph heights


3.  The bar graph compares the number of students enrolled in classes. 

bar graph

a) What class has the highest enrollment?
b)  How many students are enrolled in Chemistry? _ 140 _
c)  How many are enrolled in Anatomy? 100

d. Which course is the least popular? Physics

4.  This line graph compares the growth of plants that were kept in the sun for different amounts of time.

graph plants

a)  On Day 7, the plants kept in the sun for 3 hours were how tall? __20 mm____
b)  On Day 7, the plants kept in the sun for 6 hours were how tall? __70 mm__
c)   On Day 10, the plants kept in the sun for 9 hours were how tall? __140 mm_
d)  On Day 11, the plant that was grown with 1 hour of sunlight was how tall? _ 10-12 mm_
e)  Based on the graph, the plant grows best in what amount of sunlight? ___9 hours__

graph worms

5.  The line graph shows the number of worms collected and their lengths.

a) What length of worm is most common? ___6.5-7.0_____
b)  What was the longest worm found?_ 8.5 ___
Note that the graph goes to 9.0 but 0 worms are recorded at that length.
c)  How many worms were 6 cm long? __4___
d)  How many worms were 7.25 cm long?_ 5____
e)  The peak of the curve represents the
[ longest worms / average worms ]