Principles of Heredity Key

1. Gregor _____Mendel__________, the "father of genetics"
2. The first _____filial_____ generation is the offspring of a cross between parents that are pure for a given trait.
3. The principle of _dominance_______ and recessiveness.
4. The outward expression or appearance: _____phenotype_________
5. Cross that involves parents that differ in TWO traits. __dihybrid___
6. The study of heredity: _____genetics____________
7. An alternate form of a gene: ____allele__________
8. The Principle of _____independent____________ Assortment
9. Having non identical alleles (not pure; ex. Aa): __heterozygous___
10. Having identical alleles (pure, ex. AA): _homozygous_________
11. Square used to determine probability and results of cross: punnett
12. The allele that is masked or covered up by the dominant allele: ___recessive___________
13. The genetic make-up or an organism (Tt): ____genotype_______________
14. A cross that involves ONE pair of contrasting traits: ____monohybrid_____________
15. The plants Mendel did his studies on: ______pea_______
16. The likelihood that an event will happen: _________probability_____________
17. When neither allele is dominant (they are both expressed) ______codominant___________
18. Principle of _____segregation_______ states that alleles separate when gametes are formed.