Heart Labeling KEY

heart with arrows

1. __________aorta____________
2. _________superior vena cava____________
3. _______right pulmonary artery (to lungs)______
4. _______right pulmonary veins (from lungs)_____
5. ________right atrium____
6. ______right atrioventricular valve (tricuspid)___
7. _____right ventricle_______
8. ____inferior vena cava________
9. ____left pulmonary artery (to lungs)
10. ___left pulmonary veins (from lungs)__
11. ____left atrium_____
12. ____left atrioventricular valve (bicuspid or mitral valve)__________
13. ____aortic valve______
14. _____left ventricle__________
15. _____dorsal or abdominal aorta________

1. Use arrows to trace the blood flow in the human heart.

2. Name the major vessels that leave the heart and identify where they lead to:

pulmonary arteries take blood to the lungs, aorta delivers blood to the entire body

3. Why is the human heart called a "double loop"? blood goes to the lungs for oxygen, then returns to the heart before it is pumped to the rest of the body