plantGenetics of Plants
– Analysis of Data Using Chi Square

Purpose:  To analyze plant offspring, to determine the genotypes of the parents, and predict which alleles are dominant and recessive.

Materials:   Corn Seeds  -  albino and green

                  Tobacco Seeds  - albino and green


Allow plants to grow for 2-5 days, coloration is obvious upon germination. Tobacco can be grown in petri dishes on moistened filter paper or towels. Corn can be grown in beakers after soaking seeds overnight

Germinate seeds and record the number of albino and green seeds in both groups.    Information should be recorded neatly on a data table.

Analysis:   Based on the data, determine the genotypes of the parent generation for your seeds.   Show a Punnet square for each cross and do a chi square analysis.

Lab Report should include the following

1. Short introduction on genetics (alleles, genotypes, and why a chi square analysis is necessary.

2  Data Table with your results, showing the numbers of green and albino plants in each group.

3.  Analysis section including Chi Square that specifies the genotypes of the Parents (P generation), F1, and F2. Compile data from the entire class for best results.

These seeds were grown in a germination chamber, tobacco seedlings are very tiny and you can easily count the number of albino seedlings in this set. Tobacco seeds require a very small space to group, there are at least 50 seedlings in this 5x5x4 cm chamber. A petri dish is an excellent grow chamber also, just keep the humidity high.

tobacco seeds