Study and Removal of the Frog's Brain - Teacher's Guide

Removing the frog's brain is a difficult thing to do, the skull is very thin and care must be taken to carefully remove the top of the skull where the brain is seating. The best tool for the job is a scalpel, where you scrap the top of the head, right between the eyes. Remind students to always push the scalpel away and not toward their hand to prevent injuries.

When the brain is removed, it will look like this:

skull removed

frog brain

From frog (dissection)

Brain Part
coordination and balance D
response to environement B
Olfactory Lobe
sense of smell A
Optic Lobe
vision C
Medulla Oblongata
connects to spinal cord E


This part is easier, but can be tricky to completely remove the femur without breaking it from its socket.

frog bone