Food For Thought

Objective: To show students how populations of different regions of the world compare with regards to numbers and food availabilty. Students will be divided by regions, and given food. The amount of food is based on statistics of each region. I use Hershey Kisses.

For a class of 26-30, write names of regions on notecards, pass them out at random and have students go to areas of the room. After the students are grouped, give them their "food" or bag of kisses.

Each region has a varying amount of food resources per individuals. It is more dramatic to give the North American food last. Students can barter and share kisses after discussion.

Region Number of Students Number of Kisses
North America 2 92
Latin America 2-3 10
Asia 13-16 6
Africa 4 2
Europe 3-4 40

*Varying numbers are given so you can accomodate different sizes of class. The simulation is not exact, but will give students the idea.