Flower Structure and Reproduction KEY
Original Document: Flower Structure and Reproduction


1. What is an angiosperm? flowering plant

2. The flower attaches to what part of the plant? receptacle

3. Why are flowers brightly colored? attract insects

4. Name two mammals that might pollinate a plant. bats, mice (birds aren't mammals but I usually accept as an answer)

5. If the petals of a flower are reduced or absent, how is the plant pollinated? wind

6. The female reproductive structures are called the: pistil or carpel

7. Name the three parts of the pistil: stigma, style, ovary

8. Where are the ovules stored? ovary

9. Name the two parts of the stamen: anther and filament

10. Describe sexual reproduction in plants. pollen travels from the male part of the flower to the stigma of the female part

11. The ovary develops into what structure? fruit

12. Define fruit. part of the plant that carries seeds, it was originally the ovary of the flower

13. Some flowers are not brightly colored at all, but have a very pungent odor that smells like rotting meat. How do you think these flowers are pollinated? flies

14. In many flowers, the pistils and stamens reach maturity at different times. Considering what you know about pollination, why would this be an advantage to the plant? prevents self fertilization

**Coloring should be graded according to the directions**

Flower Image Credit: Biodidac