Evolution Crossword Key

evolution cw

1. when two unrelated organisms look alike (sharks & dolphins) - convergent
3. refers to the variety of living things - diversity
4. when organisms disappear from the earth - extinction
6. proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection - darwin
7. formation of new species - speciation
8. change over time - evolution
11. required for new species to form - isolation
14. preserved remains of ancient organisms - fossils
15. had different shaped beaks depending on the island they were from - finches
16. the study of the earth - geology
19. structures that have no current function - vestigial

2. structures that are similar - homologous
5. a characteristic that helps an organism survive - adaptation
9. when one species evolves into many; adaptive _radiation
10. pattern of evolution where a species is stable for a long time then rapidly changes; _punctuated__ equilibrium
12. the name of Darwin's book; the - origin -of species
13. process by which evolution occurs; natural _selection_
17. had different shaped shells depending on the island they were from - turtles
18. well-supported testable explanation - theory
20. when two species evolve together - coevolution
21. natural selection is also known as the survival of the _fittest__
22. islands that Darwin visited - galapagos
23. principle that states that living species are descended from ancient ones; descent with _modification___
24. the name of the ship that darwin traveled on - beagle