4-3  Biomes

1.   What is a biome? _____________________________________________________________________
biomes are characterized by certain  ______________ and   _______________ conditions
2.  What is an adaptation ?  _________________________________________________________________________
3.  What organ helps kangaroo rats conserve water? ______________________
4.  The ability to survive and reproduce under non-optimal conditions is called ______________

5.  Fig 4-10.   What is the average temperature in New Orleans in February? __________
What month has the most rainfall? ___________________

6.  What are the two main components of climate? _________________________________________________
7.  View the world map, Fig 4-11 to answer the following:
a.  What biome takes up the majority of the north part of South America? __________________________
b.  What biome makes up Northern Africa and the Middle East? ______________________________
c.  Most of Canada is what biome? ____________________________________
d.  What biome do you find north of most of the Boreal Forests of the world? _____________________
flowerTropical Rain Forest
8.  The leafy tops of the trees in the rain forest form the _____________________________
9.  Name two types of snakes you might find in a tropical rain forest? _________________________________________
flowerTropical Dry Forest
10.  What is a deciduous tree? __________________________________________________________________
11.  What large predator would you find in a tropical dry forest? ______________________________
flowerTropical Savanna
12.  The savanna is characterized by a cover of  _______________________
13.  What causes many of the fires in the savanna?  ____________________________________
cactusDesertprairie dog
14.  How is an area defined as a desert? __________________________________
15.  What plants dominate in the desert? __________________________
treeTemperate Grassland
16.  What are two other names for a temperate grassland? ________________________________________________
17.  Name two predators that exist in a temperate grassland (current) _________________________________________
treeTemperate Woodland & Shrubland
18.  What is a chaparral ?  _______________________________________________________________
19.  Where in the US do you find a chaparral? ___________________________________________________
treeTemperate Forestcougar
20.  What is a conifer? ______________________________________________________________________
21.  Material formed from decaying leaves that can make soil fertile is called ___________________________
treeNorthwestern Coniferous Forest
22.  What is another name for this type of forest? _____________________________________________
23.  What large herbivores live in this biome? _____________________________________
treeBoreal Forest
24.  Where do most boreal forests occur? _______________________________   (what does the word “boreal” mean)
25.  What is another name for this biome? ______________________________

arctic foxTundra
26.  What is permafrost? ____________________________________________________________________________
27.  Name two types of plants that can be found on the tundra? _____________________________________________
sea lionOther Land Areas
28.  Why would you find many types of biomes on a mountain range? ________________________________________
29.  Name two mammals that live in the polar regions? ____________________________________
30.  What bird lives in the southern polar region? __________________________________________

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Matching:   For each animal, determine what biome you would find it in
1.   _________________________ Caribou                      2.  _________________________  Prairie Dog
3.   _________________________ Toucan                       4.  _________________________ White Rhinoceros
5.  _________________________  Lynx                                            6.  _________________________ Black Bear
7.  _________________________Whitetail deer                           8.  _________________________ Hyena
9.   _________________________Roadrunner                              10.  _________________________ Jaguar