Reading Guide 27-2 - Roundworms

1. Roundworms are ________________ worms that have __________________ and digestive systems.roundworm
2. List the two openings a roundworm has. __________________________________________
3. Name the cavity between the endoderm and mesoderm layers. __________________________

4. A pseudocoelom is a ________________ coelom

5. Which body systems are more complex; the free-living roundworms or the parasitic forms?

6. Name and the five physiological functions of the roundworm.
1. ___________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________________________
5. ___________________________________________________________________

7. Free living roundworms that are predators use _________________ mouthparts and _______________ to catch their food
8. What type of fertilization do roundworms use to reproduce? ___________________________
9. Parasitic roundworms include _______________-causing worms, filarial worms, ____________ worms, and hookworms.
10. Name the place where the adult Trichinella roundworm lives? ________________________
11. Why is Trichinosis so painful for humans? _______________________________________
12. How is Trichinosis spread to humans? ___________________________________________
13. Filial worms are _______________ worms that live in the __________ and _________ _____________ of birds and mammals, including humans.
14. What is Elephantiasis and what causes it? ________________________________________

15. Look at Careers in Biology - Meat Inspector
If we did not have meat inspectors here in the U.S., what possible problems could we as a consumer of meat face? ______________________________________________________________
16. What is the main symptom that Ascarid worms cause? ______________________________
17. How is the parasite Ascarid lumbricoides spread? _____________________________________

Look at the figure below.

18. How are the eggs released from the body? ________________________________________
19. How do the worms get back into the host (dogs) ____________________________________
20. Name two species (besides humans) that are affected by Ascarid worms? _____________________________________
21. Describe the process of how a hookworm infects its host. ____________________________
22. Caenorhabditis elegans is a free-swimming roundworm. This roundworm was the first of all animals to have what done? _____________________________________________________

Please fill in missing material on Roundworms in the below table:

Organism Disease Route of Infection Description
Trichinella Trichinosis   Larvae burrow into muscle tissue
Filarial Worms   Bite of insect carrying worms Worms block fluids, causing swelling in legs
Ascaris Roundworms   Worms block intestine, interfering with digestion
  Hookworm Bare skin contact with soil