Chap 27-1 Reading

1. Name two types of unsegmented worms. ___________________________________________
2. To what phylum do the flatworms belong? __________________________________________
3. Flatworms are soft, flattened worms that have tissues and internal ______________________________
4. A fluid filled body cavity that is lined with tissue is called a _______________________________
5. What type of symmetry does a flatworm have? ______________________________
6. Flatworms rely on __________________ for respiration and excretion.
7. The muscular tube near the mouth that aids in getting food is called the _________________________
8. How do parasitic flatworms obtain their food? ____________________________________________
9. What type of flatworm has no digestive tract at all? _____________________________
10. What do flame cells do? _______________________________________________________________
11. What is ganglia? ____________________________________________ Do flatworms have ganglia? ______
12. What structure detects light in a flatworm? ____________________________

13. Use Fig 27-3 to help you label the flatworm


14. What is a hermaphrodite? ____________________________________________________________
15. _____________________is when an organism splits in two and each half grows to become a complete new organism.
16. Turbellarians are _______________________________ flatworms that live in marine and fresh water.
17. Flukes are ___________________________ flatworms that infect internal organs of their host.
18. How does a blood fluke infect a human? ______________________________________
19. Blood fluke embryos develop inside what organism? _____________________
20. Schistosomiasis is widespread in tropical areas that lack proper ____________________ treatment.
21. Tapeworms are long, parasitic flatworms that are adapted to life inside the ______________________ of their hosts. Do tapeworms have a digestive tract? ______
22. What is the head of the adult tapeworm called? _____________________________
23. What are proglottids? _________________________________________________________________
24. How are tapeworm zygotes passed out of the body? _________________________________________
25. The larvae of a tapeworm grow in the ___________________________ of the intermediate host.