bird18-2 Modern Evolutionary Classification

1. See Fig 18-6--- Based on appearance alone, which is more similar:
[ barnacles and limpets] or [ barnacles and crabs] (underline pair)

2. What is phylogeny?_____________________________

3. The strategy of grouping organisms based on their evolutionary history is called ______________________ classification.

4. Based on evolutionary classification, which pair is more similar:
[ barnacles and limpets] or [ barnacles and crabs] (underline pair)

5. Name two characteristics that barnacles share with crabs: __________________________________

6. Characteristics that appear in recent parts of a lineage but not in its older members are called ____________________________ characters.

7. What is a cladogram? _______________________________________________________________

8. Name a gene that both humans and yeast both have: ________________________________________
9. This gene is evidence that humans and yeast share a common _________________________________

10. What peculiar behavior is found only in storks and american vultures? ___________________________

11. DNA evidence indicates that the american vulture is more closely related to a stork than to an ___________

12. A ______________________ clock is used to estimate the length of time that two organisms have been evolving independently.

13. This model relies on measuring the number of ________________________ that have occurred in DNA.

18-3 Kingdoms and Domains

14. What were the two kingdoms that were proposed by Linnaeus? __________________________________
15. List the six kingdoms used in modern classification: ____________________________________________

16. A domain is [ larger / smaller ] than a kingdom.
17. What domain includes plants, animals, protists and fungi? ________________________________________
18. Members of the Domain __________________________ live in extreme environments.

19. The domain Eukarya constists of all the organisms that have a ___________________________________.

20. What do members of the Kingdom Fungi eat? _______________________________________________

21. Name a unicellular fungi: _______________________________

22. What kingdom contains multicellular autotrophic organisms? __________________________________

23. What does the term "nonmotile" mean? _________________________________________________

24. What kingdom contains multicellular heterotrophic organisms? _________________________________

25. See Fig 18-13 - Which domain includes organisms from more than one kingdom? ____________________