Chapter 18-1: Finding Order in Diversity

1. How man species have scientists identified? _________

2. To study the _________________________ of life, biologists use a ___________________________ system to name organisms and group them in a logical manner.

3. In a discipline called ___________________________, scientists classify organisms and assign each a name.

4. What is the scientific name for a cougar (fig 18-1) __________________________________

5. How does the name "buzzard" differ depending on what country you are from?

6. What two languages are used in the scientific naming of organisms? ______________________

7. The two-part naming system used today is called _____________________________________

8. What type of animals are found in the genus Ursus __________________________________

9. Linneaeus's system of classification has how many levels? __________

10. Bears are classified in the same ORDER as what other types of animals (name 2)
_________________________________ What is the name of the order?

11. Name one characteristic of animals found in the class Mammalia _________________________

12. What is the largest category in Linaeus's system? __________________________________

13. See figure 18-5, answer True or False to the following
__________ A polar bear is more closely related to a black bear than it is to a panda.
__________ Squirrels and snakes belong to the Class Mammalia.
__________ Foxes and pandas belong to the same Kingdom.
__________ Sea stars and squirrels belong to the same Phylum.