Review Sheet : Chapter 12 and 13 DNA


1. Know the structure of DNA, be able to label a diagram

2. Who established the structure of DNA?


3. Understand the process of replication. Why is it called semi-conservative?

4. What makes up a nucleotide?

5. What is a gene?

6. What is the base-pair rule?

7. What does RNA look like? How does it differ from DNA?

8. What is the relationship between genes, proteins, DNA and traits?

9. Describe transcription & translation
10. Be able to use a codon chart to determine amino acid chains.

11. Describe chromosome mutations (deletion, duplication, translocation, inversion)

Genetic Engineering

Know these terms:

1. Selective Breeding
2. Inbreeding
3. Transgenic
4. Hybridization
5. Restriction Enzyme
6. Gel electrophoresis
7. Cloning
8. Recombinant DNA
9. Polyploidy
10. Polymerase Chain Reaction
11. Mutation

12. Understand the diagram and label the appropriate areas.