Name ________________________________

13-4 Applications of Genetic Engineering

1. What does luciferase do? ___________________________________________
2. Luciferase was added to what plant? ____________________________
3. What is a transgenic organism? ________________________________________________________
4. Genetic engineering has spurred the growth of ____________________________, which is a new industry that is changing the way we _________________________ with the living world.
5. Name three substances that are made by transformed bacteria to help treat human disorders:
6. In order to study the immune system, what animal was given human genes? ______________
7. Extra copies of growth hormone were given to what animal? _____________
8. Name two crops in the United States that are genetically modified: ______________________________
9. What has been added to rice to improve its nutrition? __________________________


10. A ________________ is a member of a population of genetically identical cells.
11. In 1997, what was the first animal ever cloned? _______________________ What was the name given to this animal? ________________________
12. Why is cloning technology controversial? ___________________________________________________

13. Label (Figure 13-13)

A: _________________________________________________
B. ________________________________________________
C. _________________________________________________
D. __________________________________________________

14. The fused cell becomes the______________________________ which is implanted into the uterus of a foster mother.
15. The baby (cloned lamb) will look like the [original cell donor / foster mother / egg donor ]