Chapter 10-1, 10-2 Reading Guide


10-1 Cell Growth

1. Larger cells will divide because they have trouble doing what?
2. Where is DNA found (eukaryotes)? __________________________________________________
3. As a cell gets larger, what kind of crisis might occur (related to DNA)? _______________________
4. How does food, water and oxygen enter the cell? _______________________________________
5. Understanding the relationship between a cell's volume and _______________________________ is the key to understanding why cells divide as they grow.
6. As a cell grows, the volume increases [ more / less ] rapidly than the surface area.
7. Cell division is the process by which a cell divides into two _________________________________.
8. What must happen before cell division can occur? ________________________________________

10-2 Cell Division

9. What are the two phases of cell division? _______________________________________________
10. The cells produced by mitosis are [ identical to / different from ] the parent cell.
11. How many chromosomes does a human cell have? _________ What about a fruit fly? _________
12. Each chromosome consists of two identical parts called __________________________________
13. Each pair of chromosomes is attached at the ___________________________________
14. The "in-between" period of cell growth is called _________________________________
15. The series of events that cells go through as they grow and divide is called the _________________
16. Interphase is divided into what three smaller phases? ____________________ (abbreviate)
17. During which phase is DNA replicated? _____________


18. What are the four phases of mitosis? __________________________________________________
19. What is the longest phase of mitosis? __________________________
20. Tiny structures located in the nucleus that separate and go to opposite sides are called __________
21. What structure helps to separate chromosomes during mitosis? _________________________
22. What happens during metaphase? ___________________________________________________
23. During what phase do the sister chromatids separate? ____________________________________
24. In telophase, the chromosomes begin to disperse into a tangle of ___________________________ and the _________________________________ reforms.


25. Cytokinesis usually occurs at the same time as ______________________________
26. In order for cytokinesis to occur in plants, a cell ____________________________ forms between the two new cells


27. In which phase do you first see the spindle? _________________________________
28. What phase occurs directly after metaphase? ________________________________
29. In which phase do the chromosomes move apart? ________________________________
30. In which phases are the chromosomes NOT visible (two phases) _________________________



1. The rate at which materials enter and leave through the cell membrane depends on the cell's?
a. volume b. mass c. weight d. surface area

2. Sister chromatids are attached to each other at an area called the:
a. centromere b. centriole c. spindle d. chromosome

3. The process of cell division results in: a. sister chromatids b. two daughter cells c. mitosis d. cell growth

4. If a cell has 12 chromsomes, how many chromosomes will be in each of its daughter cells after mitosis?
a. 4 b. 6 c. 12 d. 24

5. DNA copies itself during which phase? a. prophase b. metaphase c. cytokinesis d. interphase