Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Concept Map

Video Resource: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/ or can be purchased from online retailers

This video can also be viewed on Youtube and at PBS.org

After watching the video on Darwin, you will construct a concept map that shows the thought processes and evidence Darwin uncovered as he developed the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Most terms can be found in the movie, though you are welcome to use other sources (such as textbooks). Keep in mind that this concept map is not necessarily about the whole of Evolution, it's primary purpose is to illustrate the beginning process (scientific method and logic) that lead to Darwin's final publication.


Grading Rubric

Poor (1pt) Satisfactory (2pts) Good (3pts) Excellent (4 pts)
Organization Serious errors in organization, difficult to follow Some lapses in organization that effect coherence and unity Organization shows relations of terms, few lapses in organization Well organized and logical in all areas
Ideas Ideas are minimal, inappropriate or random Ideas are somewhat random, minimal, or repetitious shows well developed ideas (terms and concepts), enough to establish purpose of concept map ideas are pertinent, extensive, establish purpose and show all elements of the topic
Links arrows between expressions do not relate terms arrows attempt to relate terms, some are invalid or make no sense arrows show relationships between terms, very few are invalid, or missing distinct relationships between terms are evident, all links are coherent and valid
Connections Concept map is mostly linear, with very few multiple connections to relate terms concept map is mostly linear, but has some connections that link multiple ideas concept map is presented as a web, terms are linked to multiple other terms terms and concepts are linked in web form, showing multiple relationships between concepts and ideas
Knowledge concept map shows very little overall knowledge regarding Darwin's life and journey concept map shows some knowledge of darwin's life and journey concept map shows a solid knowledge of darwin's thought processes, observations and journey concept map shows extensive knowledge of darwin's thought processes, observations and journey. (It's obvious you paid attention to the video and took notes)